Where can I find out more about the 900th Anniversary Projects?

If you’d like to read the architect’s proposal produced by Ptolemy Dean or discuss any of the specific anniversary projects in more detail, please contact the Campaign Office campaign@greatstbarts900.com.

Alternatively, we are hosting a series of information events throughout 2021/22 and you are more than welcome to register for one of these. Please contact campaign@greatstbarts900.com and we will make sure that you receive an invitation to hear more about the project plans and the opportunities for support.

Will the Music Endowment Fund be used to purchase a new organ?

We are planning to launch an appeal for a new organ that is separate to the music endowment fund.

Can I dedicate my gift in my own name or someone else’s?

Yes. All gifts to the campaign can be dedicated in your own name or in that of a loved one. Members of the Company of Rahere are also invited to include this dedication in the Company Charter, a commemorative book of thanks on permanent display in the church.

Can I pledge my gift over time?

Yes. Gifts to the Anniversary Campaign can be spread over a 5 year period, making it easier for you to cashflow the amount you would like to give.

Are there any tax benefits to making a gift?

There are significant tax benefits from making a gift to the Campaign. Higher rate (40%) UK taxpayers can reclaim relief when they submit their tax returns, reducing the net annual cost, for example, of a £100,000 gift to £12,000pa over a 5 year pledge period. This also assumes the donation qualifies for Gift Aid, enabling us to claim an extra 25p for every pound given. It’s also worth remembering that you do not have to pay tax on land, property or shares that you donate to St Bart’s and you get tax relief on Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax. A gift in your Will to St Bart’s is free from Inheritance Tax and may reduce your Inheritance Tax rate if more than 10% of your estate is left to charity. You can donate a fixed amount, an item or specified gift, such as property or shares, or what is left after other gifts have been distributed by your Executor.

Support Us

To ensure the 900th anniversary gives us the opportunity to realise the vision we hope you will want to be a part of it and support us.