Endow a Day of Music

Music has been part of life here for 900 years in one form or another. It is important that this is sustained and given the resources to grow into something that will inspire and enhance the lives of all who come into contact with it for the next 900 years.

Endow a Day of Music

Maintaining this vibrant, ecclesiastical musical heritage requires a minimum of £500 a day. To meet this investment in perpetuity, we have established a Music Endowment Fund that will grow to at least £3 million, over the years ahead.

In choosing to support our Endow a Day of Music Programme and making a gift of £10,000, which can be pledged over 5 years or made in the form of a bequest, you will have the option to select one of 300 particular dates to endow, either in your own or someone else’s name.

Each gift will also be recognised in a permanent book of thanks, publicly displayed in the entrance to the church, along with a framed certificate of appreciation and an invitation to attend your day of music each year. Your support will also be announced to the congregation during the services held in that week.

A word from our Director of Music

“With your help, we can establish a thriving endowment to support in perpetuity the musical programme, including the maintenance of the organ. With enhanced facilities and new rehearsal spaces, we have an opportunity to expand our current provision, creating a first-class venue for everyone, from internationally renowned musicians to emerging artists and local dementia choirs. There is also sound business sense to these investments as, together, they guarantee future income and showcase St Bart’s as a more attractive, more commercially viable venue for premieres and recitals, choral and orchestral recordings, workshops and so much more. We’d love you to be part of this exciting vision, by choosing to endow a day of music and ensuring that we can share St Bart’s wonderful heritage for generations to come.”

Rupert Gough, Director of Music

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