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Our History

Great St Bartholomew’s is an ancient parish in central London with two churches: St Bartholomew the Great, the City of London’s oldest surviving church and St Bartholomew the Less, also unique in being physically sited in a hospital and playing a full part in its life.

In our earliest days, the Blessed Virgin Mary made her only recorded appearance in London here and, since then, we have witnessed key moments in history: William Wallace and Wat Tyler were executed on our doorstep, as were religious martyrs of the Reformation. William Hogarth was baptized here; John Betjeman was a parishioner; and Benjamin Franklin once toiled in the printer’s workshop in the site now occupied by the Lady Chapel.

Adopted by several of the City Livery companies and a favourite location for filmmakers from Richard Curtis to Marvel, Great St Bart’s is a friendly, ecclesiastical, and artistic centre at the heart of London. Our growing congregation, in-person and online, is drawn by an innovative combination of tradition and technology, which speaks to a modern, forward-thinking community of worshippers, heritage enthusiasts and music lovers.

St. Bart's Today

Originally founded as a single institution by Rahere, Henry I’s courtier, St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great were separated at the Reformation. Even so, they remain intimately linked, not only in the prayerful presence of St Bart’s the Less but also in the recently restored office of Hospitaller, the second priest of the parish who spends half his time ministering in the hospital. You can read more about the history of this extraordinary church here.


The parish of Great St Bartholomew’s is fortunate to have a diverse and committed group of individuals serving as Churchwardens and as members of our Parochial Church Council (PCC). You can find out more about our governance and leadership here.

900th Anniversary Campaign Executive Committee

Reporting to the PCC, the 900th Anniversary Committee is responsible for managing all aspects of the 900th anniversary celebrations including: fundraising, delivery, music, events, creative works, merchandise and liaison with St Bart’s Hospital. Fundraising is managed through the Campaign Executive Committee.

Elizabeth Green (Chairman)
Alison Gowman
Jack Drury
Marcus Walker
Tracey Braddick
Roy Sully


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