St. Bart's 900th
Anniversary Campaign

Supporting a parish anchored in eternity

In March 2023, we embarked on a year-long celebration of the 900th anniversary of the founding of the ancient Priory church of St Bartholomew the Great. During the year we have celebrated our roles as stewards of this extraordinary legacy, we have taken stock of the church’s facilities and fabric and we have embarked on a fundraising campaign to improve the welcome we offer our many visitors, from our local community and around the world.

Located at the heart of living history and anchored in eternity, we nevertheless embrace the future, and our plans will transform our visitor’s experience of St Bartholomew the Great, whether that visitor is a member of our congregation, a tourist, a local resident, a worker in the city of London, a school child, an academic, a film maker, a chorister, a bride or a groom. In short, everyone who has experienced the delight of spending time in this incredible church, concealed in plain sight at the epicentre of the most vibrant city on the planet.


Our 900th Anniversary campaign encompasses five discreet projects, that together will enable us to offer the warmest possible welcome to every visitor. By vastly improving currently under-utilised (and in one case, condemned) spaces, we will optimise what we already have, and in doing so offer the best value for our donors, who will witness nothing less than a transformation of our facilities in time for the launch of the Culture Mile in 2026.

With every blessing,

The Reverend Marcus Walker, Rector

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To ensure the 900th anniversary gives us the opportunity to realise the vision we hope you will want to be a part of it and support us.